Nick & Liz Engagement Photos in Missoula (sneak peek)

Living in such a beautiful place means that we photograph many couples who are planning a destination wedding. For Liz and Nick, hosting a wedding in Montana brings them back to the surroundings in which they met and fell in love.

Slikati Missoula Photographers 2015-184637 Engagement Photos Engagement Photo

We had the pleasure of photographing these two bright friends of ours shortly after their arrival in Missoula last week. They look so at home here, it’s a shame they have to leave.

Engagement Photos

They look cute here, but scroll down to see the drama sunset ushers in.

Engagement Photos Engagement Photos Engagement Photos Engagement Photos Engagement Photos Engagement Photos

Congratulations, you two. We’re excited for 2017!

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  1. by KDixon on June 29, 2016  11:06 am Reply

    My absolute favorite one is the last one with the sunset behind the happy couple. It's stunning!

    • by slikati on June 29, 2016  6:53 pm Reply

      Thanks! The midges and mountain dandelion seeds we kicked up from the weeds became fiery flares in the sunset. Gotta love happy accidents!

  2. by Priscilla Myers on June 29, 2016  3:09 pm Reply

    I love them all!

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