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  • We live in the Pinterest era, where brides are as likely to draw wedding inspiration from one another as from a magazine's style editor. More ideas can spread faster and further. And when you have Joanna's eye and talent, you can transplant Brooklyn to the Mountain West, making a success of even the [...]
  • Substantial rain has fallen on most of our 2016 weddings! So with the 48-hour forecast promising to confirm the trend, we secured 10 umbrellas in the wedding colors in preparation. And rain did fall during the formal photos and ceremony, as fate would have it this year. In addition to their intended [...]
  • The great thing about our job is that we get to see so much more: more of our home state, more families, more special places than we ever would otherwise. In the case of Brandan and Amanda's wedding, we got to visit a lesser-known gem of a venue for the second time, the Schmid family home.   [...]
  • We think we're a seasoned pair, we veteran wedding photographers. But one of us may have cried at this beautiful gathering on the shore of Holland Lake. Blame it on the Visine that made an appearance early in the day. If you've never been there, it's a little hard to believe just how gorgeous the ba [...]
  • There is a wedding tradition that holds, to be sure of good weather on your special day, you must hang a bottle of whiskey in the old birch tree. The bottled spirits will calm the winds and hold off the clouds, so—wait, is that a tradition?! Maybe the whiskey ensures you'll enjoy a great day no matt [...]
  • iving in such a beautiful place means that we photograph many couples who are planning a destination wedding. For Liz and Nick, hosting a wedding in Montana brings them back to the surroundings in which they met and fell in love. We had the pleasure of photographing these two bright friends [...]
  • A Father's Day weekend treat saw a few old tyme costumes, free sarsaparilla, and family games at Garnet Ghost Town! See more photos from the day here:
  • We bet last Saturday was the first time we've heard a bridesmaid complimented on her nice zygomatic bones. And the smooth operator moonwalking across the reception hall? He's a trauma surgeon. Nic and Katie's day was a delight to be a part of--and, apart from a playful syncope, wonderfully devoid of [...]