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  • We offered free Day of the Dead portraits last year as an experiment. Our downtown location was several months from becoming a fully realized studio, which meant that our options for backdrops and lighting were limited. We also weren't sure what to expect in answer to our advertisement: "Come as [...]
  • Thank you Missoula for naming us Best Photographer in the Independent's Best of Missoula issue!!! And thanks to Bonnie for the write-up. We're nearly as excited to realize that we roam Missoula with a nom de guerre (which beats a "bizarre cognomen" any day)! Seek us out at Caras Park from 5-8 pm tod [...]
  • e were married in an ideal setting, Missoula's Moon-Randolph Homestead, on June 6. The day couldn't have been more wonderful! We have many more photos you'll want to see, but we're excited to share this handful as a preview. We hope you enjoy! [Click on a photo to see its larger version.] But fi [...]
  •   As wedding photographers, we document a lot of affection. But no matter how many engagement photos or wedding ceremonies we shoot, we can't get enough pictures of people in love. And so, we're inviting you to take part in a series of photos of Missoulians kissing. Take a cue from the art h [...]
  • “We’ve been through so much together.” Nearly all of the couples who celebrated their wedding at the Missoula County Courthouse yesterday expressed a sentiment along these lines. It’s something that is likely more true for these brides and grooms than for many of the others we have photographed. The [...]
  • Don't be surprised if we high-five you. For the second time this year, our fans, friends, clients, and fellow artists and vendors have voted us Missoula's best photographers. We feel deeply honored to place 2nd in the annual Best of Missoula Issue of the Missoula Independent. Thank you to the In [...]
  • Brides who visited this year's wedding fair at the Holiday Inn got a sneak peak at our news: Slikati is teaming up with Janae Naab, stylist/esthetician at Très Chic Salon in Missoula. That means a free hairstyle, pedicure and facial when you book our Elizabeth wedding package! To the cognoscenti [...]