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  • Stone Tower. Granite arch. Rock band. Bill and Melissa invited their nearest and dearest to rock out with them in the Bitterroot valley. A sense of play was essential: from the popcorn-box trivia program to the groom's die-bedecked boutonniere. We had so much fun that this couple gets a mega-preview [...]
  • As Wiz Khalifa once said, you know what it is! It's wedding bells for Jamie and Adam on a sumptuous fall day in the Bitterroot! With their passion for the black and yellow on display and a VIP guest list, this couple chose the perfect day for their destination wedding: the first day without rain in [...]
  • Celebrate your roots! Kyla and Derek kept their wedding close to home in the brilliant Bitterroot. And we love weddings on family property because we get to visit places we might not otherwise see. 2016 represents a year of milestones for this couple. They will take their wedding memories with them [...]