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  • We shot five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred pictures (or thereabouts) at this wedding at the Stone Tower in Stevensville. That hasn't happened for the longest time. What can we say except, "You're welcome"? Lyrics aside, we had a difficult time choosing our favorite photos from this all-si [...]
  • We're always gleaning new bits of culture from our couples. We've learned that we must watch Arrested Development, for instance, in order to make any sense of the bizarre courtship ritual a future bride and groom recently previewed to us. Meanwhile, the movie Bridesmaids served as a cultural touchst [...]
  • Missoula's Day of the Dead Celebration never fails to draw an enthusiastic crowd--and several thousand cameras! This year a violent downpour attended the parade, blasting downtown with wrathful winds and raindrops colder than the grave. After painting Tonya's face, we came prepared, with umbrellas f [...]
  • It’s 5K decay at Missoula’s inaugural “Tread of the Dead”! Based on zombie runs that have proved popular in larger cities, today’s event pitted 400 runners against about 200 representatives of the local undead community. It's a zombie cultural practice to seek the yellow ribbons of living individual [...]
  • Athlete-goddess Vanessa. The only thing harder than besting her at any sport you might name will be the homework she'll assign. Good luck schooling the court at MSU Billings and running your future classroom! We were gutted when car-maggedon struck on a gorgeous fall day, spoiling our plans for a [...]