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  • Thank you Missoula for naming us Best Photographer in the Independent's Best of Missoula issue!!! And thanks to Bonnie for the write-up. We're nearly as excited to realize that we roam Missoula with a nom de guerre (which beats a "bizarre cognomen" any day)! Seek us out at Caras Park from 5-8 pm tod [...]
  • We tend to approach all photo shoots as a form of play. That's doubly true when we're photographing kids, and the camera might otherwise seem to stand in for the unrelenting stare of the smile police. So we're fine with children bringing toys, dancing, shouting out word games with us. We're ready: l [...]
  •   As wedding photographers, we document a lot of affection. But no matter how many engagement photos or wedding ceremonies we shoot, we can't get enough pictures of people in love. And so, we're inviting you to take part in a series of photos of Missoulians kissing. Take a cue from the art h [...]
  • Like The Princess Bride, the story that inspired this couple, this wedding combined the perfect mix of humor and romance. Their unique style spoke to their history as a couple. Having met while fighting a fire, both now work at the Florence fire department.  A DIY spirit pervaded the day: the decora [...]
  • Cooper was palpably excited for his photo shoot. But his excitement turned to discomposure and then, camera-shyness. At one point he seemed ready to bolt with his leash. Good thing his senior, Conner was there. Conner plays lacrosse and hockey--as many sports as you can shake a stick at, it tur [...]
  • We try to get outside with seniors as often as possible, so we're glad Lindsey opted for a trip into the hills for her shoot. Enjoy your last year before graduation!
  • Don't be surprised if we high-five you. For the second time this year, our fans, friends, clients, and fellow artists and vendors have voted us Missoula's best photographers. We feel deeply honored to place 2nd in the annual Best of Missoula Issue of the Missoula Independent. Thank you to the In [...]