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  • They met in grade school. Since then, boy bands gave way to folktronic and the chokers fell away, but no matter how far apart circumstances set them, Cory's heart remained inscribed with the initials "LVG." Guests joining the couple to celebrate an autumn wedding in the Missions saw this coming a lo [...]
  • Montanan guests who made the trip north for Bree and Eric's wedding could hardly believe their eyes and lungs. To ascend the mountain was to leave behind a brutal fire season and suddenly enter the most gorgeous wedding weather on earth. But we all agreed to play it cool for family coming from Calif [...]
  • We're always gleaning new bits of culture from our couples. We've learned that we must watch Arrested Development, for instance, in order to make any sense of the bizarre courtship ritual a future bride and groom recently previewed to us. Meanwhile, the movie Bridesmaids served as a cultural touchst [...]