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  • Not pictured: tons of snack mix to fuel energetic dancing. Not pictured: additional stirring lyrics to "Mony, Mony." Not pictured: the eloquence of the best man saluting his brother's happiness. We guess you just had to be at Dana and Alex's wedding to truly appreciate how well they celebra [...]
  • Matt and Katie celebrated their union at The Barn at Finley Point, with family and friends who were delighted to reveal insights about the couple. We learned about their sports loyalties, physical strength, fraternal devotion and hairstyle experimentation, and more. But the most frequently recurring [...]
  • "Jump in the line!" The bright colors of this wedding's tropical decor were the perfect complement and reply to last Friday's rainy day. Celebrating on the shore of Flathead Lake, Robert and Brianna invited a few super heroes as guests--and had their wedding crashed by yet one more when the offic [...]
  • When we arrived at the Barn at Finley Point, Polson for Matt and Kelsey's wedding, we couldn't believe the level of attention to detail! We must have photographed 200 different personalized decorative elements celebrating their special day. We were proud to add an item of our own to that list: Slika [...]