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  • It was the bride's one true wish for the day that it snow. We don't know if "epic blizzard" was specified in Brette's request, but there was no stopping the snowfall last Saturday in Kalispell. If ever you were curious, this is how Montanans do winter weddings! Congratulations! A special than [...]
  • We live in the Pinterest era, where brides are as likely to draw wedding inspiration from one another as from a magazine's style editor. More ideas can spread faster and further. And when you have Joanna's eye and talent, you can transplant Brooklyn to the Mountain West, making a success of even the [...]
  • We bet last Saturday was the first time we've heard a bridesmaid complimented on her nice zygomatic bones. And the smooth operator moonwalking across the reception hall? He's a trauma surgeon. Nic and Katie's day was a delight to be a part of--and, apart from a playful syncope, wonderfully devoid of [...]
  • The studio was awash in luxury when Missoula's new bridal boutique Velvet Bride visited with these four gorgeous gowns. We decorated the space with cascades of gold dots (Inspired to recreate this idea at your wedding?  Circle cutter for the win!) and our gold chaise longue. To these elements we app [...]
  • Missoula's Day of the Dead Celebration never fails to draw an enthusiastic crowd--and several thousand cameras! This year a violent downpour attended the parade, blasting downtown with wrathful winds and raindrops colder than the grave. After painting Tonya's face, we came prepared, with umbrellas f [...]