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  • It was the bride's one true wish for the day that it snow. We don't know if "epic blizzard" was specified in Brette's request, but there was no stopping the snowfall last Saturday in Kalispell. If ever you were curious, this is how Montanans do winter weddings! Congratulations! A special than [...]
  • They met in grade school. Since then, boy bands gave way to folktronic and the chokers fell away, but no matter how far apart circumstances set them, Cory's heart remained inscribed with the initials "LVG." Guests joining the couple to celebrate an autumn wedding in the Missions saw this coming a lo [...]
  • Montanan guests who made the trip north for Bree and Eric's wedding could hardly believe their eyes and lungs. To ascend the mountain was to leave behind a brutal fire season and suddenly enter the most gorgeous wedding weather on earth. But we all agreed to play it cool for family coming from Calif [...]
  • Matt and Katie celebrated their union at The Barn at Finley Point, with family and friends who were delighted to reveal insights about the couple. We learned about their sports loyalties, physical strength, fraternal devotion and hairstyle experimentation, and more. But the most frequently recurring [...]
  • Monkeys have a way of fascinating, amusing, and sometimes biting, observers like no other animal can. Let's test your knowledge with the following 50 most compelling facts about monkeys. Ahem... Megan and Ben celebrated their wedding at Flathead Lake. And calm and joyful vibes abounded. Maybe [...]
  • Storage centers should definitely advertise at bridal fairs. A bride needs a lot of space if she's going to DIY her decorations. For her wedding at the Barn on Mullan in Missoula, Bobbie worked from a basement bridal command center to assemble her decorations well in advance of the big day. And they [...]
  • "Jump in the line!" The bright colors of this wedding's tropical decor were the perfect complement and reply to last Friday's rainy day. Celebrating on the shore of Flathead Lake, Robert and Brianna invited a few super heroes as guests--and had their wedding crashed by yet one more when the offic [...]
  • "Slap the bag! You have to slap the bag!" Slapping the wine skin hoisted by a sturdy churl for the wedding guests' consumption is a practice that dates to medieval times, we're sure. It's really a test of sympathy, since if the guests know how hard it is to hold that much liquid aloft, they will [...]
  • We can't hold back any longer! Here's a small glimpse of our most recent shoot featuring some of Missoula's best wedding vendors. It's a styled shoot with real heart: before Willow and Justin travel to celebrate a tropical wedding next February, they had a chance to represent their love taking fligh [...]